Travel Tip Jalandhar Punjab

By | February 23, 2024

Travel Tip Jalandhar Punjab – JALANDHAR: In one of the biggest crackdowns on illegal travel agents in Punjab, police and civil administration authorities in Jalandhar on Wednesday arrested 20 operators without a license to travel. profession. Police and civilian officials raided the offices of 40 travel agents, who specialize in student visas. Officials revealed that the crackdown will continue in the coming days.

The crackdown follows a directive from minister Aarinder Singh to punish illegal travel agents following a number of fraudulent claims. At the behest of C, Punjab secretary hoe N S Kalsi asked the deputy coordinators and the district sheriff to ensure that all laws and regulations for these agents are observed.

Travel Tip Jalandhar Punjab

Five groups of civilian and police officials conducted joint raids and inspected the offices of 40 travel agents in a enforcement building. The crackdown was initiated by Parveen Sinha police coordinator Jalandhar and deputy coordinator Varinder Kuar Shara.

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After checking the papers of these ‘migration consultants’, the police registered the FIR against 20 of the sections 406 (criminal breach of trust), 420 (fraud) and 120B (negative) criminal conspiracy) of the IPC and Section 13 of the Punjab Tourism Professionals Regulation Act. All the people including the two women were arrested. They will be produced in court on Thursday.

In the evening, the Study Abroad Counseling Association held a press conference alleging that most of the applicants had already applied for a permit. When asked if the regulations allow to operate immediately after applying for a license, they explained that one can only operate after obtaining a license.

In response to a question, association leaders admitted that only 287 ‘iig consultants’ have a license while there are more than 1,500 such agents operating without a license or having applied for one. permission. They claimed that their permits were delayed at government offices.

They revealed that in the previous investigation, they informed the authorities about some people operating illegally and even charged Rs 20 lakh for each aspirant but the officials told them to take care of their own business and not involve the police.

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