Travel Tips Europe 2022

By | February 18, 2024

Travel Tips Europe 2022 – Hey friends, here are some travel tips for 2022! I’m taking a break from my 2021 ROAD TRIP adventure to give you the latest 411 from my recent EU trip. The requirements for traveling to Europe are constantly changing, so I hope this article will give you some reassurance and some basic travel tips to help you start planning your trip. I’m going to dive right in.

You might be a bit hesitant to book a flight to Europe right now because of the world situation and this pandemic. However, I think we are moving forward to a place where we learn to live with this pandemic and continue to travel the world. If you are very hesitant to book and/or lose money, get insurance! Travel insurance is available for “CANCELLATION FOR ANY REASON” and many companies cover COVID. If you have any questions, let me know, I now advise on travel insurance. Email me here!

Travel Tips Europe 2022

A trip to Europe right now can make even the most seasoned traveler a bit hesitant. In the past six months, on two trips abroad, I have encountered flight delays, COVID tests, and changes in rules and policies. I learned to be very flexible. My travel advice for booking flights at the best price: BOOK, if you think about it, travel to Europe is on the rise. With consumer confidence, prices will start to rise very quickly.

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My airline required PCR/antigen testing for the flight to Europe as they are required for the flight to Germany. I took the antigen test at the urgent care clinic 48 hours before my flight. The test was free, they gave me a negative letter and the airline accepted it. I also carried the vaccination card and test results with me. I also had a revaccination at the beginning of November.

TRAVEL TIP: Carry hand sanitizer (3.4 oz) in your carry-on or purse, as well as hand wipes for wiping down seats, trays, etc. We were also given some Purell Sani hand wipes on our flight.

According to the Ministry of Health (Germany): 2G+ means vaccination or recovery, plus current test; 2G++ means vaccination or recovery, plus a current test at an official testing site, plus an FFP2 mask. While we were traveling in Europe in December, masks were mandatory in all public places. Like the airport, train and train stations, malls and restaurants, except when you’re eating.

To make my visits easier, I got a cheap EU phone from MediaMart (similar to Verizon). Here are a few apps that have made my adventures a lot easier.

Ultimate Tips To Know For Your Europe Travel In 2022

In Europe, these two programs will make your life stress-free. The caveat is that you must have an EU SIM, it will not work with a SIM from the States. If you have an unlocked phone, you can also change it and it will work. Criteria for these applications:

Yes, masks are mandatory in all public places. In airports, long flights to Europe, trains and shops. But not hiking or active recreation in the fresh air and our spa tours, more on that later. We used to carry them in our coat pockets and pull them out when we were around people. I preferred to wear K95 masks or blue hospital masks, which were a little lighter. Fabric masks are not accepted in Germany.

There was definitely no doom and gloom during my visit. These were the procedures and policies we followed and adopted. During this ever-changing pandemic, you must become flexible and calm. This is unchanged, even as I write today, they may change again before this is released this week. Be careful and always check for the most up-to-date information. Nothing necessary was too annoying.

Before our week-long adventure in Italy, we learned that Austria was closed to transit travelers. We decided to simply change the route of our trip. It’s OK. We traveled through Switzerland without incident. Even without a speeding ticket. Go Kelly! We were also waved through Italy, but we had our passports and vaccine cards ready.

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We needed both passport and vaccination card during our entire stay in Italy, hotels and Airbnbs required both for registration. All properties had resources available to download our information prior to our arrival.

Europe’s tourism industry is learning to adapt and live with the changes brought by COVID. Many events, shops, wine tastings and services are still OPEN! There are some travel tips that you need to visit or take part in.

Please be patient. From the person who checks you in at the airline, to the waitress at the restaurant and everyone else. Despite what you may see or hear, I have experienced grace and received grace in this incredibly complicated world we live in now. The person who makes you want to bite their head off may be the very person who makes you better!

Be kind too! I make little gift bags of chocolates for flight attendants and crew when traveling abroad. It doesn’t cost more than $5 and they are very grateful. There is nothing in it for me except to say, “I know it’s hard right now, here’s a little something.

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I hope you can start planning your next European adventure. Let me know if I can help. For more resources, visit my YouTube channel and podcast. I will continue to post new content about my cross country trip and recent trips to Europe. Other services are coming soon too! Traveling through the many corners of Europe will be the adventure of a lifetime if you have these hacks. From financial and banking advice to the latest Covid-19 restrictions in Europe, we’ve got you covered!

Every traveler’s nightmare is to find a large phone bill waiting for them after their vacation. To avoid this predicament, contact your SIM card provider as soon as you start planning your trip to Europe.

But be aware that international data roaming can be very, very expensive. An easier and cheaper alternative would be a prepaid multi-country SIM card that can be purchased online or locally in Europe.

You can buy one that covers the whole EU or specific countries, such as Mamma Mia prepaid for Italy, Bonbon prepaid for France or Guay prepaid for Spain.

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Holiday Europe SIM card and Holiday Europe eSIM card from Orange; Eurolink Prepaid Regional eSIM and Cellhire Prepaid SIM are solid options. They work in more than 35 countries of the Schengen zone at affordable rates.

The time zone has the power to make you regret planning a vacation altogether. It makes you tired, cranky, and puts a big wet blanket over your adventurous spirit. But there are some very simple ways to avoid this. Follow these rules to regain your energy in three to four days.

Informing your bank about your trip to Europe in advance is as important as booking your plane tickets. This should be at the top of your checklist. Get a list of their international partner banks for cash withdrawals in Europe at the lowest ATM rates.

Always travel with a variety of payment options such as cash, coins, debit and credit cards. In European countries such as Germany and Austria, especially in smaller cities, cash rules.

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As an international tourist traveling from the US or Asia, always remember to pay only in the local currency. Even when using the card, always choose this option. In this way, you can avoid paying excessive exchange rates.

Keep in mind that only 19 out of 51 European countries use the euro as their currency. So, make it a habit to withdraw cash from local ATMs once you reach your destination.

Plan your next trip to the EU with a healthy dose of both hidden gems and clichés. Sometimes you should follow in the footsteps of typical tourists. But you can balance it out by renting a car to travel to offbeat destinations in Europe.

Experience the Eiffel Tower in Paris; cable car ride through the Swiss Alps; a romantic boat trip along the canals of Venice; or a trip to Stonehenge in Britain is a cliché for a reason that can’t be missed!

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Consider the best places to see in Europe with this collection of blogs about Europe. Take a look at our picks for Europe’s top 10 hidden gems and places to visit for more information.

If you have to make a detailed itinerary, plan your next trip to Europe with . Leave the responsibility of planning and creating itineraries to our experienced and knowledgeable tour managers. Explore Europe’s treasures with friends and share memories.

If you are an American traveling to Europe, or Indian, or Australian, whatever your nationality, check all your travel documents as soon as possible. Valid visas, a passport with enough pages and travel insurance are some of the basics to look out for.

Europe is a huge continent with more than 40 countries

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