Travel Tips Las Vegas

By | November 17, 2023

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Ah, Las Vegas. I have visited this wonderful city twice now, and let me tell you – I learned a

Travel Tips Las Vegas

About the city during those trips – including her wisdom and many tips that will make your first time in Las Vegas a million times better!

Must Know Travel Tips For Your First Time In Las Vegas

When I first visited Vegas I had absolutely no idea what to expect, or how to prepare. After all, Las Vegas is unlike anywhere else in the world! So, to help you plan your first time in Vegas, I thought of all the things I wish I knew when I first visited.

So, without further ado, here are the things you need to know for your first visit to Las Vegas!

Tour fees are a unique thing in Vegas, and they really don’t make any sense at all. It’s basically a nightly fee added to your room rate that you have to pay at most Vegas hotels.

The idea is that you get extras with this fee, like gym access, but some places don’t even offer it.

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Unfortunately, the resort fee is mandatory, so it’s really important to find out if the resort fee is included in the price of your reservation, otherwise you’ll be hit with a $30+ nightly charge that’s more than you want. you thought you were paying.

Fortunately, will say in fine print whether or not the price you pay includes the hotel’s tour fee, and the hotel we stayed in included the tour fee. Phew! Choose your hotel carefully

You may see that the hotel is cheap and on the surface and think “Yup, it’s perfect for me!” but it’s definitely worth giving your accommodation some extra thought.

First, it is important to check the location of the roof of your hotel. If you want to be right in the action, staying at a place like Bellagio or Caesars is perfect.

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However, if you want to have a relaxing stay, it is worth looking at the northern part of the strip, where things are more quiet.

Also, although there are very cheap hotels in Vegas, check the reviews first. Circus Circus looks brilliant at first glance as it is very cheap and looks like fun, but the reviews are very poor.

You’ll also want to make sure your accommodation has a pool if you’re visiting Vegas in the summer – you’ll want to cool off in the water!

We wanted a place where we could relax from the hustle and bustle, have a great view, and a pool, and it would be easy to visit both the main part of the strip and Fremont Street.

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So we stayed at this beautiful resort and it was great! I highly recommend staying here for your first time in Vegas. Check in online at your hotel

Check-in lines at some Vegas hotels, especially the most popular ones on the Strip and especially on weekends, can get really bad. Who wants to waste time waiting in line when Las Vegas is waiting for you?

To combat this, many Vegas hotels offer online check-in. You’ll get to skip the line, log in from your phone and enjoy the hotel’s facilities until your room is ready. Top Tips for Things to Do and See in Las Vegas Visit hotels

Las Vegas is probably the only place in the world where walking around the interior of all its different hotels is one of the most important tourist attractions. But in Vegas, you can’t miss the hotels on the Strip

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From New York New York, with its iconic roller coaster, Statue of Liberty, and New York street entertainment, to the incredible Venetian, where you can take a gondola ride through Venice entertainment inside the hotel. You will never get bored visiting Vegas hotels. It’s just so much fun!

Entry to the hotel is free, you don’t need to stay there. I know it would be weird to do it in other parts of the world, but Vegas is so common and a popular way to escape the heat outside. Things you need to do on your first trip to Las Vegas

There is so much to do in Vegas that you will definitely want to come back! However, for any first time trip to Las Vegas there are a few things you absolutely cannot miss doing, in my opinion! Here they are:

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but if you take a day trip out of town you’ll have an experience you’ll want to tell everyone you know!

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The location of Vegas makes it the perfect base for visiting some of the most beautiful places in the United States. The Grand Canyon is by far the most famous, but you can also visit Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, or Antelope Canyon.

The good news is, you don’t even need to rent a car to get there. There are many options for guided tours that you can join and they are generally very good quality. I did this Grand Canyon tour from Vegas and I have nothing but amazing things to say about it.

If you plan to visit several different attractions in Las Vegas, you should consider the Go Las Vegas Pass.

You have two options for the pass – either an all-inclusive option of 2-5 days where you can visit as many attractions as you want or an exploration bus, where you can visit a number of attractions for a special price. with

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The Go Las Vegas Pass is convenient, and will definitely save you money, if you’re on a short trip to Vegas and trying to fit in as many activities as possible.

I personally didn’t bring one on my trip when we visited Las Vegas for six days at a leisurely pace, so a pass wouldn’t have made financial sense.

However, if you have a lot of attractions and want to check your bucket list repeatedly, it’s worth checking out. Stay tuned for updates here Be prepared to pay for Strip photos

On the strip you’ll see all kinds of strange characters wandering around, from showgirls to ripped, shirtless cowboys. They will all try to get you to take a picture with them, but it is important to always remember that you are expected to pay for this.

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Some of these can feel a little tricky, as I’ve heard of people being told to pay over $40 for photos!

For this reason, if you are thinking of having a photo taken with them, you should definitely ask for the price in advance. If it’s too high, walk away – they’ll probably lower the price. Staying in line for the Las Vegas sign

We’ve all heard of the Las Vegas Sign, and getting a photo here should be on everyone’s bucket list for their first visit to Las Vegas. However, there is always a queue to take pictures of the sign (unless you visit at 6am).

There is no shade in the area where you need to line up, so if you are going there in the summer make sure you have sunscreen and plenty of water.

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I didn’t have to queue for more than 10 minutes on a Wednesday at 5pm, but I hear the queues are even worse at the weekend.

So, either make sure you time it well enough to wait in line for your Las Vegas sign photo, or visit on a weekday.

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Everyone thinks that the second you touch down in the US you will need to have a car to literally get anywhere. While that’s true for many places, it’s certainly not true in Las Vegas. Especially on your first trip to the city!

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I have a separate post about how to get around Las Vegas without a car, but, in short, the Deuce bus will be your new friend.

This bus route runs 24 hours a day, hits all the tourist spots on the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas, and is affordable. You rarely have to wait more than ten minutes for the bus unless you pick it up at 3am.

Tickets cost $6 for a 2-hour pass, $8 for a 24-hour pass, and $20 for a 3-day pass. I bought the three-day pass twice on my 6-day trip, and it was a great value. I must have taken about 25 trips, which reduces my average trip cost to a measly $1.60. Nice! The distance is greater than it looks on the map

When planning my trip to Vegas, it looked like all the attractions were inside

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